Ford plans another facelift for its renowned model Endeavour

Ford’s renowned vehicle Endeavour has been long overdue for replacement in India.

Even in its existing appearance, the well known vehicle is one of the best sport utility vehicles that you can purchase in the price range of Rs.20-30 lakh, but the lack of modern designs and tools has been hindering the vehicle’s sales recently.

But that said a brand-new vehicle based on the innovative Ford Ranger pick-up is still away. Even the Pacific zones are yet to get a view of a brand-new Endeavour or ‘Everest’ as it is better known to the outer world.

Ford plans another facelift for its renowned model Endeavour
But till the time the fresh model or a substitution shapes up, Ford India is said to be functioning on the other upgrade to the existing Endeavour with the intention to keep the clock ticking.

As per reports, the outsides will be altered slightly with revamped headlights and rear lamps and a few tinkering to some plastic portions. The insides could get a latest infotainment structure, resembling what fans have witnessed on the different special versions of the Endeavour, which were introduced in the last couple of years.

The exciting bit though is that the company is fine-tuning the mechanicals in addition. The engine is being concentrated on for fuel saving and drivability.

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