Ford recalls all Figo and Classics with steering and suspension issues

Problems are being suspected in a couple of top-selling Ford models in India. The Indian domain of the American multinational carmaker, Ford India, has been reported to have taken an initiative to recall Figo and Classic (formerly known as Fiesta Classic). The manufacturer is suspecting some issues in the rear twist beam of the suspension and power steering hose to have cropped up.

Particularly, the cars manufactured between September 2010 and February 2011 is being reported to have to undergone change in power steering hose. The PAS hose can actually end up in having an oil leakage because of the suspected problem, leading up to emission of hazardous fumes. If you are reckoning how an oil leakage from the PAS hose can lead up to emission of hazardous fumes, then the answer of the question lies with the possibility of the steering fluid to come in contact with the exhaust, leading to fumes or a fire.

Ford recalls all Figo and Classics with steering and suspension issues

On the other hand, all the models of Ford Figo and Classics produced between January 2008 and December 2010 will undergo a change in their rear twist beams (RTB) in case they are found to be defective after inspection.As per company’sofficial statement, the problem has been identified as a potential crack with abnormal sound in the rear. If not corrected, this fault can potentially lead to the car being inoperable in the future.

In order to check if your Figo or Classic is due for recall or not, all you have to do is to visit Ford’s firld service action page and enter your car’s 17-character Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Being a safety issue with the cars, the automaker is being expected to replace the parts for free. The carmaker has also provided an option to its Figo and Classic customers to contact the local dealers or even contact Ford India Customer Relations Group by calling on a toll free number – 1800 419 9889.

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