Ford to unveil compact car concept at the Indian Auto Expo

Ford Motor Company will be unveiling the concept of a new compact car at the New Delhi Auto Show that is scheduled to be held next month. Looking at the demand for small cars in the country, the company has decided to launch this car with the effort of meeting such demands in the emerging market. The concept will show the kind of cars Ford is planning to launch in the Asia Pacific region. This would also give a brief idea about the cars that the customers prefer in this region. By mid decade, such sales are expected to account for approximately one-third of the sales of the company.

This new compact car will reveal the vision of the company in the Indian market, especially in the compact car segment. Though not many feature of the car have been disclosed by Ford yet, it is expected to showcase Ford’s vision in the dynamic emerging markets. In the fiscal year of 2013, automakers had managed to sell over 2.7 million passenger vehicles, while ford on the other hand is expecting sales in the compact car segment to double by 2018 in India, which would be equivalent to 2 million vehicles.

Ford to unveil compact car concept at the Indian Auto Expo

Currently Figo is the smallest car of Ford in the market. It is not clear if the new car is expected to replace the Figo or will be just be an addition to the company’s line-up of cars.

Out of the total sales in India in 2013, according to Ford, one-third of the sales came from the compact car segment. Most of the Indian car enthusiasts prefer fuel-efficient and cheap cars in the city traffic as a result of which Ford has a lot of expectations from this new compact car concept.

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