Ford will put EcoBoost Engines in the Escape SUV

When it is about cars, the user desires a more economical car without compromising on the space or the strength and it seems Ford Motors has sorted out this demand. The Vice President of Engineering for the Global Product Development of Ford, Mr. Raj Nair has informed that the latest Ford Escape SUV will be available with an option of three varieties of EcoBoost engines which are 2.5-litre (S), 2.0-litre (Titanium) and 1.6-litre (SEL). These EcoBoost engines will allow higher fuel efficiency in the latest SUV Escape where the fuel consumption will be below 6.9-litres for every 100 km.  As per the Transport Canada approved numbers, the SEL engine is one of the most fuel efficient of all that covers 100 km in 6.0-litre of fuel.

Ford will put EcoBoost Engines in the Escape SUV
The firm claims that with these three varieties of engines, the SUV Escape is expected to beat the hybrid versions as well. The Vice President also said that the firm has grown majorly when it’s about the fuel consumption and the firm has proved that it is quite efficient to develop compact yet strong engines. This is the first time that an EcoBoost 1.6-lite engine that produces 178 horsepower with a peak torque of 194 ft-lbs has been offered to the customers of North America. This engine in question is efficient enough of churning out 20 more HP and 30 more ft-lbs torque in comparison to the Mazda CX-5. By the end of 2013, Ford Motors is very certain that it will be equipping 90 per cent of its cars with the EcoBoost powertrain.

With the EcoBoost engine equipped SUV Escape, Ford will gain more market share in the American automobile industry. But till the SUV is not running on the roads, we can’t say how true these assumptions will be.

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