Further production of Chevrolet Volt halted for 5 weeks in Detroit

The close-to-perfection hybrid plug-in car of Chevrolet, the Volt, is not going to come out from the production line of Detroit Hamtramck plant for next five weeks at least, as there are extra Volt lined up for sale. This has resulted in 1,300 workers being laid-off for sometime till the production of Volt does not start again or otherwise. The company has to take this decision due to the slowdown in sales of its hybrid pug-in car. A senior analyst from Edmunds.com, Jessica Caldwell said that since Volt uses an unfamiliar technology to run, it could not appeal to a mass audience which was expected before.Moreover, it’s a niche vehicle too. All this has caused the slowdown in the sales of Chevrolet Volt.

Further production of Chevrolet Volt halted for 5 weeks in Detroit

Now then, there are a few misconceptions about Volt, which has affected its sales and made it a niche. First of all it’s not a fully electric car to be considered. The name and the marketing may have made it look like an electric car in absolute terms but it is not at all one. It is actually a hybrid plug-in which means it is capable of going much faster and longer under the electric power than a common hybrid. With Chevrolet Volt, it may come to 100 mph and close to 25-50 miles without a single drop of gasoline being used. Once the battery runs out, the 1.4-liter gasoline engine starts and charges the battery again to extend the distance it needs to cover. This is something not any other electrical car can do. If you need to travel further ahead, just fill up the tank once again. The battery can be charged off a wall socket as well. The Volt with its technology enables it to go on long drive and cross-country road-trips as well.  The most important and the biggest part of Volt is its five feet long battery. This 16kWh lithium-ion battery pack is almost 200 kg heavy, in a T-shape. It sits fine in the spine right between the seats, while letting the Volt have a boot space.

No doubt when it comes to being an advanced hybrid, Chevrolet Volt is the number one till date. It may also be the most fuel economical car one could ever posses because there is no way one can measure the fuel efficiency in the conventional manners. It purely depends on how one drives it around.

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