G Class cabriolet “Final Edition 200” bows down at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

G for Great and G for G-Class, both of the terms relates each other very appropriately.

Running successfully the G-Class model plate for the past 34 years, which is said to be longest running model of Mercedes Benz, is now bidding adieu to the “G Class Cabriolet” badge from its repertoire.

Though this piece of new may have sadden many of the posh off-road junkies, who prefers only Merc and nothing else for going everywhere. Now for them, the German carmaker had lend a good news ‘too’. Before making the final roll-off, the carmaker had decided to give away the audience a special edition of same which is meant to be christened as “Final Edition 200?. Thus, by the name, it can be suggested that only 200 units of it are going to be built, which will be made available at an effort of pre-ordering. Furthermore, the G Class will be made available only in the five-door and AMG versions only.

Mercedes G Class Cabriolet Final Edition
Learning more about the G Class cabriolet, we found a 5.5-liter V8 engine producing 388hp and 540Nm is strapped in the bay of G500 trim. Meanwhile, the metallic black exteriors and matching beige interiors with the same colored roof-top was also witnessed on vehicle at the 2013 Frankfurt stage.

New Mercedes G Class Cabriolet Final Edition

This whole bidding adieu drama was held at the recently happened event of 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. Hence, we guess, 2013 Frankfurt has been proven a special paddock for the Germans.

Mercedes G Class Cabriolet Final Edition Back View
Image Courtesy – Indianautosblog.com

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