German military will now use Polaris ATVs

Polaris is normally known for the versatility of its vehicles. And yes to confirm it once again, the ATV manufacturer confirmed yesterday of producing vehicles for “German military”.

The German Army had signed an agreement with Polaris, and is said to receive the Polaris MV860, an ultralight all-terrain tactical vehicle which was made for the US military initially.

Hence, MV850 is powered by a 4-stroke twin-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, with on-demand AWD, engine braking and active descent control. It can haul up to 600 lbs (272 kg) of gear through extreme off-roads. In addition, it also comes with a capacity of carrying 44.5 liters of fuel (11.75 US gal). The forces can ask for an optional litter mount, whereas blackout lighting with IR light capability features as a standard.

“Defense forces around the world are seeking Polaris Defense Military vehicles to take advantage of our ability to make modifications to our commercial off-the-shelf technology, insert customer requirements and quickly deliver an end product that meets their needs,” said Rich Haddad, general manager of Polaris Defense.

German military will now use Polaris ATVs

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