Get a chance to sign on Porsche 911 GTR Hybrid

Recently the largest social networking site Facebook, gave something worth appreciating to Porsche Motors. Porsche Motors have added a new milestone by crossing a fan base of 1,000,000. It is a reason worth celebrating. Hence, Porsche Motors has taken this opportunity to thank its fans and also to celebrate this milestone by hosting a special exhibition where the company will showcase its various custom made vehicles. This exhibition has already been started from 11th February and will continue up till 20th February 2011. This event is taking its place in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. This event will cater to more than 27000 fans, who will get the opportunity to adorn 80 custom made vehicles by the company. As a matter of fact these fans will also get an opportunity to get themselves scripted on Porsche 911 GTR Hybrid. Yes, the company will give them the opportunity to sign on the very dazzling and adorable car.

The reason behind the signature campaign is to say thanks to all its fans and make them an integral part of this exhibition. The reason behind choosing Porsche 911 GTR Hybrid for this cause is that this car resembles the very fan base of Porsche Motors as both of them are loyal, sporty and enthusiastic. Beside, this car is intelligently crafted and signifies the true mastery of the company and its engineers. This exhibition starts from 9 am and is open till 6 pm. Entry is given at a nominal fee of 8 Euro per adults while the children till the age of 14 enjoy a free entry. According to the company, this exhibition is a right way of saluting the courtship of the million fans all across the globe. These fans have been with them in their good and bad times so they definitely should be rewarded by something worth appreciating, is the company’s thoughts.

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