GM changes CEO to bring reforms in ‘international operations’

Well, it is not hidden that GM is going under the tight situation of its automobile career, and to believe it, the recent rolled-up (operations) in Australia gives in the perfect resolution to the same. In addition, the recall of various Chevrolet model plates in India is also not declining it all.

Hopefully, the GM recognizes cause of nuisances at very initial stage, and hence the appointment of new CEO for handling international operations is giving out the answer more clearly to doubts louder than before.

Not taking much of the anxiety to another level of secrecy, it is Volvo’s former CEO, ‘Stefan Jacoby’ who had landed in the said position for handling the affairs of Detroit based carmaker internationally.

However, the Jacoby hasn’t taken the place yet, but it surely said to make to the pod on 5th August 2013.

Volvo CEO named Stefan Jacoby
After the letting the charges resting in hand, Mr. Stefan will be regarded as the in-charge of operations outside North America. He will replace Tim Lee, who is soon going to handle the operation of automaker for Chinese market. Lee was there in the charge of GM’s international operations since 2009, but for the upcoming stance he will handle 12 joint ventures of GM in China at an incredible pace.

Coming back to the Jacoby, this man was previously handling the Volvo, but after a mild stroke last year he stepped down from that brand. And prior to the Swedish logo, he had has also served the Volkswagen as the chief of ‘American operations’.

“We expect (Jacoby) to continue building on his record of delivering results in markets around the world,” states GM CEO Dan Akerson said in a prepared statement to the media members.

“The GM team has plans to win in every market, and I’m eager to contribute,” added Jacoby to the whole plethora.

The overall markets that Jacoby will be found responsible are termed in more than 100 markets, where names like Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East falls in the top section of listing. Apart, he too will responsible for bringing in the success to all the GM’s monikers of automobiles in their respective markets.

Not just a jealousy feeling, we are drooling how big the bounty GM would be paying for a person to handle this job, any expectations!

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