GM India Announces Price Hike from June 2013

Flowing with the stream of rising inflation, now GM is also doing the same by hiking prices of its whole product range from June 2013. Though the recently launched Enjoy MPV had been slated to position very competitively in market scenario, which now seem so be landing in a fuss due to this new yet aggressive step of its makers. The hike in priced is officially claimed via the statement of Mr. P Balendran, Vice President, General Motors India, referring:”We have decided to increase the prices of all our vehicles upto Rs.10,000 depending upon the model with effect from the Iast week of June on account of increase in transportation costs/logistics due to hike in diesel price. In percentage terms, the increase goes up to 1.5 per cent depending on the model.”

Referring to this piece of news, it can be noted, Chevrolet had priced its every model competitively against the competitors’ tags which now will be stirred to face to heavy amount of competitive heat from new sort of price tags. To an extent, the price hike is not just a way to earn the loss for American based carmaker, but it will also change the way that they are presently doing business in India, and Chevrolet Sail sedan as well hatchback are the popular names of their stable to get affected adversely after Enjoy.

Chevrolet Sail U-VA
Looking at the scenario, only future will tell what this move will mean to the carmaker in nearby sales report, till then as usual sit back and “Enjoy” the show.

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