GM Stops Production of Tavera and Two Diesel Variants of Sail

GM had temporarily stopped producing Tavera and the two diesel variants of Sail in India. Specifically, it is the BS III version of Tavera MPV and the diesel version of Sail hatchback as well as sedan. This move was taken into action due to the potential emission performance on both of the model plates. However, the petrol version of bespoken model plates remains unaffected.

This stoppage came into full force during last week on 5th June when Chevy barred the Tavera BS III form entering the production line; whereas the Sail badges were shown same red light on 6th June 2013.

Confirming the same P Balendran, VP, General Motors India said, “As part of General Motors’ stringent manufacturing and quality control processes, we have identified a potential emissions performance issue with the Chevrolet Tavera BS-III and a quality issue with the Chevrolet Sail hatchback and sedan diesel variant. Neither issue is safety-related. Since GM is committed to product excellence, we have “temporarily” suspended production of these vehicles.”

Chevrolet Sail

According to him, the entire dealer network is also informed about this delay and are said to act accordingly, which may take more than the said time for booked orders.

Adding further Mr. Balendran claims, the organization is working hard to resolve these issues and will revert back with more details in the coming days as soon as the procedure will move toward a solution for both vehicles.

Depriving from the recall type of statement, Mr. VP exclaimed that, Right now there seems no provision for recall but the organization will put an update after the investigation is completed.

However, Chevrolet nowadays is selling around 2,000-3,000 units of Chevrolet Sail badges inclusive of hatchback and sedan, whereas the Tavera BS III concludes in between 1,500 – 2,000 units. 60-70% of the sales in Sail arena come from the diesel version, which hence is an important issue for the carmaker to get clogged cranks resolved very soon.

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