Hindustan Motors’ Pajero Sport to be launched in January at the 2012 Auto Expo

According to recent reports, Hindustan Motors will launch their SUV Pajero Sport at the 2012 Auto Expo in India. HM has been planning to introduce this model for a while now, but were unable to do so as they were not able to settle down on a competitive price in face of the rising yen.

The Yen has increased by 13% in the last year, which has resulted in the high price rise. HM has been aggressively planning to make their new SUV more local by assembling it at their Thiruvallur plant based in Tamil Nadu, where the current Pajero is also assembled. HM is now planning on selling the new Pajero Sport within a Rs.20 to 23 lakh price range.

This SUV has received a turbocharged 16-valve intercooled diesel engine with a displacement of 2.5l to deliver 134bhp and a peak torque of 32kgm. This SUV is also equipped with Mitsubishi’s Super Select 4WD that is rally proven and can easily shift during motion. It also has a high ground clearance of 215mm, giving it great off-road potential.

The new Pajero Sport also boasts of extra row seats so that the Pajero is fit to seat seven people comfortably. HM has big plans for their new Pajero Sport and are banking on it as their stronghold amidst their limited product offerings.

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