Honda and General Motors enters into partnership to co-develop hydrogen fuel cell by 2020

The prices of fuel, petrol and diesel, are rising alarmingly. In countries like India, fuel prices see a hike almost every month. Also the rising pollution, is forcing all the industrialists to opt for eco friendly ways to power up machines. Honda and General Motors have entered in an agreement that will keep them together for many years to come. The purpose of this agreement is to work on Hydrogen Fuel cells. The plan is to incorporate Hydrogen fuel cells in their vehicles by the year 2020.

Honda is a leading auto firm which is located in Japan. Established in the year 1948 it serves worldwide with its products. It is world’s biggest manufacturer of two wheelers. Honda also excels in manufacturing combustion engines. On an average, Honda manufactures 14 million combustion engines each year. At present, Honda is at the 8th position on the list of leading automakers.

General Motors Company is the world’s number one when it comes to volume of sales. This company was established in the year 1908 and has ruled the market for over 100 years now. GM sells its cars in over 157 countries in the world.

Honda and General Motors enters into partnership to co-develop hydrogen fuel cell by 2020

Two auto giants are now coming together to work on an altogether new concept. Hydrogen fuel cell is basically a device that helps converts chemical energy to electrical energy. It is very fuel efficient as compared to regular combustion engine. They involve almost negligible moving parts which makes them combustion free and reliable. They also have very low emissions making them comparatively eco friendlier.

GM first experimented with H2 fuel cell around 50 years ago. Its H2 fuel cell powered test vehicles have covered a distance of 3 million miles up till now. Honda also has stepped onto H2 technology. GM motors therefore joined hands with Honda as the two technologies complement each other very well. The research will require a lot of capital which is another reason why the 2 companies have come together.

FCX clarity is Honda’s fuel cell powered car. It is leased in US for a monthly charge of 600$. This alliance is also going to invest in the developing hydrogen infrastructures in US, Europe as well as Japan.

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