Honda Brio Diesel Automatic coming by 2012 end

Honda has been in the Indian car market for over a decade now. With a super refined engine, elegant packaging and competitive price tag, the brand has had an extra edge over other Japanese automakers. However, the lack of a diesel power plant unit has owed to its fall in recent years. That is about to change, and as we’ve reported earlier, Honda will be launching the Brio Diesel in the Indian car market, as early as December 2012.

For starters, Honda is planning a diesel version of the Brio and Jazz hatchback, and for this, the Japanese auto giant is investing to set up an engine manufacturing facility in India. These homegrown engines will power the Jazz and Brio in the domestic market as well as international markets. Eventually, the small capacity diesel motor will trickle down to the entire lineup of Honda in India.

Honda Brio Diesel Automatic coming by 2012 end
Subject at matter, the arrival of Brio Diesel could give several sleepless nights to the carmaker’s in India, as every brand is drifting towards the volume driven hatch segment. Moreover, the Brio is a practical approach for Honda, as it sits in the volume driven segment and the Japanese hatch is already a hit.

After sighting the disguised Brio hatch in India, it becomes evident that a launch is around the corner. In addition to the new diesel unit, the Brio hatch will sport a new automatic transmission when it arrives in 2012 end. Honda sells automatic Brio hatch in Thailand, which sports a Continuous Varying Transmission (CVT). There is a possibility that Honda Siel would offer the same for Indian Brio. Although CVT is notoriously thirsty transmission option, the lack of automatic hatchbacks in Indian market, would certainly boost its sales.

If anyone is interested in buying this gorgeous looking hatchback, be prepared to shell out Rs 50,000 more over the current version.

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