Honda Brio to have a new high-end trim?

Reports on the net suggests that Honda’s most popular Brio hatchback will soon have a new top-end VX Brio trim. So far the Brio has been quite well-received by Indian car lovers. But even then the car misses out on some very important features. For instance, the new high-end version of the Brio will have seat adjustment for the driver and most probably, a rear-end defogger.

Honda will be looking to increase the sales of the Honda Brio in India with the introduction of the VX trim level. Currently, the company sales around 200 units of this hatch per month in the country.

Honda was supposed to bring in a diesel variant of the Brio, but that has now been postponed because of the launch of the Honda Amaze. Many believe that Honda is planning to test the waters with the diesel powered Amaze for a possible introduction of a diesel Brio.

Honda Brio
If the Amaze does relatively well in the Indian market then you could probably see a Brio diesel soon in India. But before that one has to make do with the high-end trim of the Honda Brio which would soon see the light of day.

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