Honda City RS Kit Available In India At Dealerships

Honda City RS would be still a long way from now, but those who can’t wait the dealers of India seems confined to give them the RS kit with new Honda City for an additional amount of Rs 74,000, claimed a source.

Though, the further accusation states, kits are provided by the official Honda dealers and are fitted at the exclusive Honda dealer bays. This includes a sporty add-on to the front and rear bumper and side skirts as well, with a boot-lip spoiler to conclude it all.

The official words from Honda are not lend yet, but with the dealers exploring such add-ons in the recent past had made us to think over it, whether the carmakers needs to look into gravely or else it is fine with them too.

Honda City RS Kit Available In India At Dealerships

Aesthetically, the RS kit to Honda only appeals for a more dramatic look on road, none of the performance figures are tweaked.

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