Honda EV-STER concept car gets approval of masses

The Honda EV-STER concept car had been showcased by its manufacturer Honda Motors recently at the Motor Show in Tokyo. Sources have revealed to Indian Drives that this latest all-electric car has secured the desired response from its audience. Honda has viewed this as a mass approval to this car. The EV-STER has been gifted with something that is not usually seen and we are not talking about the car’s rear-wheel powering lithium-ion battery. The feature that has become the talking point is the electric motor for its rear-wheel-drive vehicle.

The only other manufacturer of cars that can claim ownership of electric cars having rear wheel drives is Toyota Motors. Fans of these electric cars will be delighted to know that production for the Honda EV-STER is expected to start soon. What remains to be seen, however, is the choice that Honda Motors is going to make between hybrid plug-in and gasoline engine for the EV-STER. The first aspect that strikes the mind, on taking a look at this electric concept vehicle, is its acceleration. The Honda EV-STER peaks to 100kmph speed from zero within 5 seconds. Another remarkable feature is that it can cover a distance of 160km with just one single charge of its battery. A top speed of 100kmph is also appreciable.

Honda EV-STER concept car gets approval of massesTherefore, it did not come as a surprise that the Honda EV-STER secured high scores in its consumer appraisal at the Motor Show in Tokyo. However, it seems that the car is not going to be displayed by Hero Honda at the Delhi Auto Expo in January 2012. The concept car, the EV-STER is actually a sports vehicle coming with a fully electric motor. This, however, cannot be regarded as a breakthrough achievement by Honda in the segment of sports cars powered by fully electric motors. Tesla holds the claim of being the pioneer in this segment.

Honda EV-STER concept car gets approval of masses

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