Honda Releases Pics of New 2012 Honda CR-V

Honda has updated its Honda CR-V for its 2012 line up. The new CR-V will boast of many important changes. The first images of their 2012 CR-V were released recently, and the new CR-V is definitely a stunner. The CR-V looks more aggressive bumper and grille, and impressive sport details to it.

The CR-V currently in its fourth generation has received an overhaul in its styling, and is expected to feature new powertrain as well. According to Honda, the new engines are more fuel efficient than the earlier one’s powering the CR-V. The company, however, did not release more details on the engine specifications.

The 2012 CR-V will hit US markets by 2011 end and in the European auto markets by autumn in 2012. The vehicle will be publicly unveiled at the international auto show in Orange County in September this year. The 2012 Honda CR-V is expected to be released in the Indian auto markets in 2012’s second half.

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