Honda reveals the ninth-generation Accord

Honda saloons have always been appealing to every car enthusiast. The latest news regarding the upcoming Honda-product, Honda Accord, has sent in a breeze of excitement amongst car enthusiasts.The Japanese automaker has released official pictures of the next-gen Accord saloon.

The latest pictures from the automaker’s side reveal that the Honda Accord has undergone many styling adjustments. At the same time, the Jap carmaker has kept the overall design very conservative. Honda included a strong character line on the side-design of the car through door-handles to the rear of the saloon. Moreover, the car has been given an eye-catching look by the induction LED daytime running lights in the design. LED daytime running lights look very appealing, while at the same time they don’t fail to grab eyeballs towards the car.

Honda reveals the ninth-generation Accord

As far as the tweaks that the company has introduced in the next-gen Honda Accord are concerned, more interior space is being most discussed now. Honda did a clever packaging of the car that has finally left its prospective customers to enjoy spacious interiors in the next-gen saloon. The exterior tweaks include bold new front grille and redesigned C-pillar. Aerodynamics of the saloon too has been given equal importance. With low-drag exterior surface, flush windshield glass, flush-mounted windshield wipers and careful under-body tailoring actually ensure better fuel-efficiency.

As of now, the carmaker didn’t reveal anything regarding the engine upgrade of the saloon. Rumors are flying high that Honda will continue using the existing Accord powerhouse for the next-generation saloon too.

Dominance in the market isn’t going to be that easy for the upcoming Honda-saloon. We must not forget that Indian car market is already brimmed with great models under famed brands too. The new Accord might have to take head-on with many competitors in the market, including Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry, Skoda Superb and Volkswagen Passat too.

The ninth-generation Honda Accord might be launched sometime next year in India.

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