Honda Teases Project 2 & 4 Concept

A partial and obscured picture of a car has been released by Honda that looks like a track based single-seater race car. Since in the teaser image it seems that the car has a cabin less design, many are dubbing it as Honda’s Project 2 & 4, which the company had said would have a cabin less design and the driver would be “exposed to elements”. The entire car could well be showcased at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

Design of the Project 2 & 4 was result of a competition that was held worldwide by Honda. Two Honda design labs, the motorcycle lab in Asaka and car design studio in Wako, came together to design and develop this car.

Nothing much can be made out of the car from the top down image that has been released, but wheels of the car can be seen and also the engine bay can be figured out, which seems to be located at one of the sides of the car.

Honda Teases Project 2 & 4 Concept

The Project 2 & 4 is Honda’s attempt at mating bike technologies with four-wheeler race cars. Heart of this car would be a bike engine – the monstrous V4 which currently powers bikes like Honda RC213V-S, which is a customized road legal version of one of Honda’s Moto GP bikes.

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