Honda to restart output at peak level from March

Honda Siel Cars is pretty upbeat about the fact they would be able to reach peak output level by the March of this year. The company is planning to raise the level of production from 9000 units per month to 10,000 units. Earlier, production level of the company had fallen due to shortage in supply of components, which had taken a hit due to the devastating floods in Thailand. The company is now planning to import some of these components from China and Japan.

Mr Janeshwar Sen, Vice-President Sales of Honda Siel Cars have said that they are trying their level best to deliver as many cars as they can to the consumers, and the company is fully focussed towards reducing the wait period that the consumers have to go through. Right now, some of Honda cars, which include the likes of Honda Brio, New Honda City and Honda jazz, have a pretty big wait period. This is also showing effects on the sales figures of these cars.

Honda Brio in IndiaTo increase their production even further, Honda Siel is now planning to open a second production plant at Tapukara in Rajasthan, once their existing plants reach their peak level of production. The company is also focussing on localizing their products, to reduce their dependency on outside supply.

Honda already has a pretty impressive booking for their vehicles. According to one source, the company now has 4000 bookings for Jazz, 7500 bookings for Brio and around 2000 bookings for the new Honda City. Honda Siel has already started the production of the new City, while the delivery of the Jazz and the Brio will start from February this year.

Honda Jazz in India

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