Honda Unveils Upgraded Jazz in Malaysia

Honda recently unveiled the new upgraded Jazz in Malaysia. This next generation Jazz received sportier exterior features which make the hatchback stand out in the crowd. Moreover the new upgraded Jazz’s price has remained fairly similar. The CEO and MD of the Malaysian division of Honda said that Honda fans can look forward to the new model providing greater value with enhanced safety, new styling, and practicality.

They have also kept the price of the model almost the same so that their customers receive the satisfaction of owning a valuable and new, premium five door hatchback model. For the safety features, the new Jazz features Vehicle Stability Assist designed for reducing understeer as well as preventing skidding. You can instantly recognize the car by its redesigned rear and front bumpers.

The head lights in the front have also received suitable detailing. While the changes made to the Jazz’s bumper have given the Jazz a dynamic appeal and wider body bearing. The boot spoiler also adds to its sporty appeal. Meanwhile, the interior has received a fresh black- blue colour scheme. The instrument cluster has also received a display for the audio which is accentuated by amber illumination.

The powerplant of the Jazz, however, remains similar, with it being powered by the i-VTEC 1.5 l engine which is mated to an automatic 5 speed transmission to deliver 120 PS power. At present Honda is reeling from a lot of competitor pressure in India. Sales of the Honda City seem to have been declining consistently for some time, while the Honda Jazz has failed to attract buyers because of its high pricing.

One of the main reasons for Honda’s dismissal performance is its lack of a diesel variant in their line up. All of Honda’s competitors like Volkswagen, Fiat, Ford and Hyundai for example, offer diesel engine powered models. With the price of petrol consistently rising, people are opting for diesel powered vehicles, so that they can save on fuel costs.

As Honda does not offer a diesel motor with the Jazz, it is only natural that Honda will continue to take hits in its sales figures. Bringing the upgraded Jazz to the Indian market does not seem like a great idea, especially if there won’t be any diesel variant available. What consumers are looking for is a fuel efficient car, and the upgraded Jazz will not help to increase the hatchback’s sales in India.

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