Hot deals for the month of December

Chevrolet Spark-

The cutesy entry level offering from General Motors was always a hot seller however after the recent advent of fresh competition as well as its stable mate the Chevy Beat, it is facing the problem of attracting in new customers. So to spruce up sales, General Motors are offering the Chevrolet Spark with an attractive cash discount of upto Rs.33,000. This is irrespective of the trim level that you select from at the dealers.

Chevrolet Beat-

The space age General Motors car has been selling like hot cakes from day one. Buyers loved its great looks coupled with equally stunning interiors and fuel efficiency to boot for. It also carried the Chevrolet 3 years service program wherein one doesn’t have to pay for routine service except consumables. To sweeten the deal, General Motors are offering the Chevrolet Beat with a flat discount of Rs.13,000. This is also irrespective of the version that you choose.

Chevrolet Aveo-

This slow moving car from the General Motors stable is due for a complete make over next year with its replacement been shown across all the motor shows across the world. This mid sizer from General Motors is one of the competent packages from the General’s stables however due to its age as well as not so good image, it was lacking behind in sales. The company is now offering discounts of Rs.48,000 on its base version namely the Chevrolet Aveo LS and about Rs.55,000 on the top end Chevrolet Aveo LT.

Honda Jazz-

The Diwali celebrations from Honda Siel Motors Limited for the Honda Jazz has been continued for December for the Christmas season. Except for the Honda Jazz X variant, all other variants are been offered with a Rs.11,000 discount. Honda Siel Motors Limited seem to be quite desperate to clear existing stocks of this slow moving car so that they can bring in fresh stock and probably price it lower.

Honda City-

Finally the Honda City is been offered with a discount. Across dealerships in the country, the Honda City manual V version gets a Rs.13,000 discount while the automatic V version is been offered with a discount of Rs.5,000. The E as well as S variant get a cash discount of Rs.26,000. Considering Honda Siel Motors Limited, this is a healthy discount.

Mahindra Logan-

The long standing war horse of Mahindra and Mahindra the Mahindra Logan is facing tough times due to its taxi image and other modern competitors. The diesel variant still sells well whereas it is the petrol one which suffered. To spruce up the sales, Mahindra and Mahindra are offering the GLE and GLX version of the Mahindra Logan with Rs.20,000 flat cash discount.

Mahindra Xylo-

The people mover from Mahindra and Mahindra, the Mahindra Xylo has been one of the success stories for the company. Along with its high utility, good space, fuel efficiency and price, it climbed the top of sales chart in no time. There is no need of incentives to move this car ahead however Mahindra and Mahindra are offering a 50% discount on the first year’s comprehensive insurance. This amounts to considerable savings since the cost for first year’s insurance works out to be approximately Rs.36,000. This works out to be Rs.18,000. This calls for further value for money proposition from the already value for money vehicle.

Maruti Ritz-

The Maruti Ritz was always a good car combining space, good engines, fuel efficiency and Maruti’s widespread dealer network for the after sales thing. Now, dealers are offering a cash discount of Rs.15,000 on any version of the car. Moreover, one can avail of a bonus of Rs.10,000 as per Maruti’s loyalty program for an exchange of their existing car.

Maruti SX4-

The butch looking car from Maruti Suzuki is facing stiff competition from the Honda City as well as the refreshed Fiat Linea. To lure customers, Maruti Suzuki are offering Rs.40,000 as cash discount on all the variants of the Maruti SX4 plus an additional Rs.20,000 as exchange bonus if you plan to trade off your existing car at a Maruti outlet.

Skoda Laura petrol-

The recently launched Skoda Laura diesel sells in good numbers considering its value for money quotient. However due to cannibalization of sales, its petrol sibling suffered. Adding to that factor are the high prices of the petrol fuel. Considering this, Skoda Auto India are offering the Skoda Laura petrol at a Rs.50,000 discount. Unfortunately the finance payout has long been discontinued.

Volkswagen Passat-

The Volkswagen Passat had earlier caught the buyers fancy with its styling, features as well as the Volkswagen badge. It is a worthy alternative to the Honda Accord, Skoda Superb, Toyota Camry and Nissan Teana. German engineering at its best. Well, the Volkswagen Passat is getting a good cash discount now. The cash discount comes at the expense of its insurance which the company is offering at half the rate. This amounts to savings of Rs.35,000.

Tata Sumo Grande-

Tata Motors is selling the Tata Sumo Grande, their most upmarket MUV as a lifestyle vehicle. Its true or not reflects in the sales chart, which by the way are dismal. In the wake of newer competition, Tata Motors feels the need to push this MUV and they are offering Rs.10,000 as a discount to those looking for a sensible no nonsense MUV.

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