How Ford has Priced EcoSport so Efficiently? Secrets Revealed!

Ford EcoSport is still in the hype media even after catering a successful launch and test drive. But though news doesn’t stop pouring in, as we hope Indians are addicted to it and want more and more bits for the same model plate. Hence, we share some exciting bits about the pricing of EcoSport, and also how the Ford had achieved this sort of temperament without compromising on its quality.

According to one of the leading media house, Ford had played the back-end ace with this compact SUV and it is completely revealed by the officials of Blue Oval marked automaker in an interview with them. In the crisp cross, Joginder Singh, president and managing director, Ford India, had spilled the beans in two forms: first ‘the global platform’, second ‘economies of scale’.

Going deep into these terminologies it was revealed, platform of Ford EcoSport is not an India specific but instead it is made for the emerged and the emerging markets – both. So there is no cost included in the R&D scenario from the Ford’s end to give Indians a newbie that too in the aspiring segment of their respective automobile fraternity (specifically the compact SUV). On the other side of same coin named ‘global platform’ the American carmaker had tested only ‘features’, concluding which will go best for Indians in this particular car, and hence SYNC is termed as an outcome of the same. Hopefully, till this notch Ford had made the impressive statement, let’s see what the organization had to say on the latter term. And no to disappointment, we can also some expect more of the products on same EcoSport platform if the recently launched product doesn’t tend to do its job properly. But it looks the cost-to-price ratio of newbie is definitely going to make the conditions better for Ford here.

Ford EcoSport

Lest, moving onto the second term conveyed ‘economies of scale’, we learnt Detroit based carmaker also had plans for exporting EcoSport from the Indian shores to countries like Australia, New Zealand and even some parts of Europe. So the production will be carried out in large numbers at Indian manufacturing unit. As a result, the cost of production will ultimately go to the lowest possible point with these much of numbers being produced at one place. Mr. Singh then further explained the pricing of EcoSport was decided too early than the production could take place, knowing the fact Indian bay has to pump out maximum number of vehicles to meet the demand of other international markets apart from its local ones. Moreover, the local content had also made the costing line to dip a quite low than the targeted expectations. Approximately as per to the officials, EcoSport boasts around 80% of local content in the production specific.

Well, these facts would have remained unknown if that media house wouldn’t have cracked the words with top officials of Ford. Now, one can churlishly draw his piece of EcoSport from the showrooms and can feast upon it without worrying that automaker had harnessed the quality of car while downsizing its ‘price quotient’.


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