Huge demand for Etios means Toyota might offer Liva to cut down waiting period

Success can sometimes be detrimental to oneself. Who else would understand this better, than the global auto giant Toyota Motors. The numero-uno of the world in car- making but a niche player in India, wanted to get its share of pie of the growing Indian market. This led to its launching of the new sedan variant of its entry level car, the Toyota Etios and back it up by launching Liva in March, a hatchback version of the Etios. The Times of India, a national daily reported that Toyota is facing problems to service the huge demand for Etios. In an effort to decrease the supply pressure, Toyota motors is mulling a unique offering to those consumers in queue for Etios to shift to the company’s latest offering, the compact car Liva. Moreover the company is also considering increasing the production of the sedan marginally to sail-through this rush-hour.

Toyota is apprehensive about the loyalty of the consumers to stick to the brand, due to long waiting period for Etios, hence the new offering to opt for the Liva. The details of the said offering have not been revealed as is thought to be in its final phase. No word has come through, if these customers will be preferentially treated in the delivery of the Liva. The mouth-watering price of Rs 4 lakhs which the Liva is expected to command, gives the company positive vibes, and provides the anti-dote for the fear of losing the customers to rival brands. The Etios has been a run away success ever since the deliveries started in this month. It has registered bookings of over 18,500 units.

The company is mulling to increase its production capacity at its plant in Bangalore to meet the demand of Etios. A manufacturing target of 70,000 units has been chalked out by Toyota from its Rs 3,200 plant this year alone.

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