Hyundai And Renault To Use AMT Technology

The last competitors of mass sellers segment who were left to submit the confirmation of bringing their cars with AMT technology finally did so.

Talking about the short piece of news confirmed by a source on behalf of them, the companies had revealed they will arrive with AMT gearbox in their cars very soon. Though, how soon isn’t mentioned yet, but the Renault is confirmed to reveal the concealment on May 20, 2015, with its new small car.

The makers have decided to source the AMT transmission from ZF Sachs instead of Magnetti Marelli as in the case of Tata Motors and Maruti Suzuki.

Hyundai And Renault To Use AMT Technology

As per to the source, first car of Hyundai that will receive this new tech of gearing is the i10 Grand, followed by next-gen Eon. For Renault, there isn’t a clear picture to call at, but that small car codenamed XBA will remain the contributor for this deal.

Thus, the time will only tell what market has to say about this AMT gearbox in the long run. As of now, the AMT is a one fuel-efficient way to own an automatic car. The secret behind its working is the actuators which controls the traditional manual gearbox.

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