Hyundai Eon caught fire in Mumbai

Earlier the days, Tata Nano caught fire on the road and was burnt to ashes just after the launch, which was then followed by Audi R8 last year at the Parx Car rally. Now this time, it’s the Hyundai Eon which is been seen burning on the roads of Mumbai.

As learnt, two Eons got choked into fire within a gap of just one day.

Hence, a day before yesterday a Hyundai Eon was reported burning at Borivali, which was a test vehicle of Sheeram Hyundai. And just yesterday, another Eon was also found burning to ashes at Vikhroli eastern express highway, Mumbai, which too was a test drive car of Hyundai dealer called ‘Modi Hyundai’.

However, it is said to be co-incident that has fallen by the time disastrously. But both of these vehicles burning within a gap of one day are an alarm for the carmaker to look into the things precisely.

Hyundai Eon caught fire in Mumbai

Hence, one can take a look at the video, which clearly belts the report what we had just said above.

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