Hyundai HB20S is not arriving India

If you have seen the images and videos of the Hyundai HB20S on the internet and wanted Hyundai to bring it to the Indian market then there is some bad news for you. Hyundai is not in any mood to bring the HB20S to the Indian market.

Two versions of the HB20 are available in the South American market – one is the Hatchback with the name HB20 and another one is the HB20S sedan. Both the vehicles have been designed specifically for the South American market. In South American market the saloon is offered with the 1.0 litre, 80 bhp and 1.6 litre 128 bhp petrol engines. These cars are built on a platform that is entirely different from the one that is being used for the i20 and Verna and share very less number of components with them. So, it will require whole new setup and that will be financially unviable move for the company if it ever decides to bring HB20S to Indian market. Assembling car from an entirely new platform will require the company to put in huge investment.

Hyundai HB20S

Moreover, looking at the fact that the vehicle does not lie in the sub 4 meter category, the introduction in the Indian market will cause an elevation in the price due to the tax structure over here. The increased price will put it in a position along Hyundai Verna in the Hyundai’s product line up in India.

But if it was introduced it would surely have been able to catch few eyes. The vehicle looks stunning with the dynamic and sporty design along with the Hyundai patented fluidic philosophy.

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