Hyundai Hexa Space MPV to compete with Innova

Toyota may have a cause for alarm, with Hyundai pulling out all stops to give them a run for their money. India has great interests in MPVs and that has led to the thriving markets for Toyota India and their Innova MPV. Toyota’s success has caught the attention of Hyundai, who are all set to bring out their own rendition, their answer to the Innova, the Hyundai Hexa Space.  Interesting times are up ahead, with two giants of the automotive industries pitting themselves against each other, trying to outshine their competitor, in the bustling Indian MPV market.

The car has already created quite a buzz in the recent revealing at the Auto Expo in Delhi.  The car has a streamlined and sporty look, a feel quite difficult to emboss on a MPV. Its fluid aerodynamic concept design had grabbed a lot of eyeballs, making it the center of attention at the expo. The car is decked with LED integrated headlamps and fitted with a robust grille emphasizing itself on a sleek chassis. The 19 inch alloy wheels do provide for an idea of its power extraction capabilities.

Hyundai Hexa Space MPV to compete with Innova

Just like the bold yet sensible modeling of the exterior, the same can be said about the interior. The car gives the effect similar to that of sitting at the cockpit of a Star Trek spaceship, the only difference: a lot less buttons. The controls are kept simple and smart, giving the car an edgy look once you are inside. The feel is enhanced by the bluish grey bordering of whitish seats contrasted against a black background of the cars floor. This car can teach you a lesson in space management, with its seats strategically placed to extract maximum possible seating space from its 1820mm wide body.

The MPV sports a powerful engine inside its sturdy outer hull, with a 1.2L GDI engine for its petrol version and a 1.6L diesel engine for the diesel variant. This is probably the one aspect where Toyota may have the edge over Hyundai Hexa Space, as it packs a stronger horsepower. The Hyundai Hexa Space is priced at a reasonable Rs.10- Rs.12 lakh, keeping in mind the price tag of its competitors.

Toyota Innova in India

Now within a few months, we may get to see a showdown that would either decide on whether Toyota rules the roost in the MPV markets or does Hyundai dent their dreams.

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