Hyundai is going to donate 160 Cars for the purpose of R&D

Hyundai Motors, which is the second largest manufacturer of cars in India, is going to donate 160 of its used vehicles to multiple Industrial Training Institutes (ITI). This is aimed at promoting R&D (Research and Development) activities in the educational institutes, particularly in the field of automobiles.

The cars that are being donated include the Sonata and all other vehicles that are priced below the Rs.5 Lakh mark. This has been revealed by sources within the company. It is being said that the lion share of these cars have been donated to government operated it is in the state of Tamil Nadu whereas the remaining share has been gifted to similar institutions in Andhra Pradesh.

Hyundai is going to donate 160 Cars for the purpose of R&D

The main aim of this research initiative is to identify measures of increasing the fuel efficiency of these vehicles and also to find out alternative fuels that these engines can use. The company is drawing inspiration from the feedbacks that these research activities is generating and has taken the decision of further strengthening their relationship with these institutions. This has made Hyundai Motors take the decision of donating a minimum of 26 vehicles annually to the colleges for the purpose of research and development.

Taking a look at the dedicated initiative taken by Hyundai towards activities of research and development, it can be expected that the automaker is definitely going to provide certain unique technologies that is going to revolutionize the auto sector and further strengthen the base of the company in the Indian domestic market.

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