Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Plant In Turkey Produces 1 Millionth Vehicle

Turkey, the country where West meets the East, had attained a greater milestone at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing plant, Hyundai Assan Otomotiv Sanayi (HAOS).

The company finally rolled off the 1 millionth vehicle out of its facility since it opened the gate to production in 1997.

The lucky car that rolled off the line was all-new i10 that is going to be exported to Germany.

The plant also build i20 after it is pumped with an investment of $609 million last year to double up the capacity to more than 200,000 units. Now the facility manufactures both the aforesaid models (i10 and i20) at the bay for the European and Turkish markets.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Plant In Turkey Produces 1 Millionth Vehicle

“The single millionth car roll-out is an important milestone of Hyundai Motor’s endeavors to the Turkish auto industry. We will continue to focus our efforts to produce world-class products to European markets.” said Won Shin Chang, Head of Hyundai Assan Otomotiv Sanayi (HAOS).

HAOS total production concludes of more than 50% units of i10 with almost 90,000 cars are exported to more than 30 countries, mainly to Europe.

HAOS is the first overseas plant among Hyundai Motor’s 7 current plants outside of Korea.

In its past, the plant has produced vehicles for Turkish market until 2002 and exports began to closer regions with the LCV model Starex. The annual capacity was first increased to 100,000 units by 2007 and then to 200,000 units in 2013.

The production capacity of Hyundai Motor in Europe will exceed 500,000 units together with the Czech Plant in Nosovice, and more than 90% of the vehicles sold in Europe will be provided from these two European plants.

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