Hyundai reveals mildly updated Verna for India

It is common for any of the European citizens to receive the updates on their car models by more refreshing yet louder means, but contradicting to it with the same in India, it is been carried out silently and has been seen the changes are also not that remarkable to make a wild stance at the first sight. However dwindling with the same story for some long crunching years, Hyundai Verna (along with our eyes) now gets to see something new in the fraternity. Hopefully, this tends to be a cosmetic change itself, but for the audience over here it’s quite great to get in detail.

Hyundai India has updated their webpage with a couple of fresh images that says something new about the headlamps of Verna, and to be precise it’s the eagle eye headlamp which the Korean carmaker is said to replace on its sedan.

As almost similar to the ones on various Hyundai models, this eagle eye headlamp of Verna is not much different. Meanwhile, it’s not the only change to dwell on refreshed sedan, local dealers says, the three headrest on the rear of car will now be done with the two, new set of alloys to be there, and rejigging of badges on bootlid to follow it.

Hyundai Verna LED Headlamp
However, not any of the further information had been landed on our bay, we expect the some official lines to be revealed soon by anytime, maybe near to the launch of Hyundai i10 Grand by next week.

Hyundai Verna Front

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