Hyundai to Launch its First EV in 2016

Despite being hailed from Korea, not exactly a home-ground for many of the renowned automobile companies, Hyundai has managed to break the ice in most of the countries around the world during a very short span of time. To the latest achievement, the Korean carmaker is reported of bringing in its first battery-powered electric vehicle (EV) to market till 2016.

Hyundai is preparing to launch an EV in 2016,” said Senior Vice President Lee Ki-sang told reporters on Tuesday at the Korean launch of a battery-powered version of affiliate Kia Motors Corp’s Soul compact.

Hopefully, there aren’t even sketchy details available at the time of writing, how that vehicle would appeal aesthetically, and to which segment it will cater to. The present scenario scars that Hyundai is altogether focused on the hydrogen-fuel vehicles to change on the present scenario of industry, whereas the other Korean sibling KIA has taken the charge of making EVs.

Hyundai to Launch its First EV in 2016

Till any further information arrives, stay tuned to us for more automotive news!

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