Hyundai Tucson might get a possible facelift

There has been a lot or rumors floating around about the possible facelift for Hyundai Tucson for some time now and we could easily find tons of spy pictures of the slightly redesigned Tucson scattered all over the web. On the basis of the rumors, a lot of styling changes has been made to the regular Tucson or the ix35 as it is called in various markets.

Although there a very slight chances that India will be witnessing Hyundai Tucson again, but no one could say what could happen in this ever changing world of automobiles. Although there are lots of rumors surrounding the possible facelift of the Tucson, some have even connected it to the fuel cell model, but until the company come up with some official announcement the speculations will keep on growing.

Hyundai Tucson might get a possible facelift

One of the main reasons which compelled Hyundai to withdraw the car from the Indian market was its bad performance. Hyundai Tucson wasn’t selling much and this forced Hyundai to call back its car. In the overall commuter car segment,Hyundai holds the second position after Maruti.

Recently Hyundai made a lot of news over the soon to be launched Hyundai Elantra Fluidic sedan. The pre-ordering of this Luxury sedan has been started for an amount of about Rs. 25,000. The car will be available at the selected Hyundai Dealership at Rs. 13-16 lakh (ex-showroom price Delhi).

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