Mercedes Benz B-Class Unveiled

There has been lot of discussions and news about the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Sports tourer, which is also reported to be the cheapest model of the German auto giant so far. Mercedes has finally revealed the B-Class at the Buddh International circuit in Noida in the presence of Peter T Honegg, MD and CEO Mercedes-Benz India. However, Mercedes is still not clear on the launch schedule of the car, but has decided to launch it somewhere in and around October later this year. The version revealed at the International Circuit was surely not a made in India one as it possesses left hand steering.

Mercedes Benz B-Class Unveiled

Although Mercedes has yet not revealed much about the specifications and pricing of the B-Class, according to the sources, it will be available in the price range of Rs.23 to 29 lakh and will face main competition from BMW X1 and Audi Q3. The Mercedes Benz B-Class will be available in both diesel and petrol engine versions, but the petrol version will arrive first which will be followed later by the diesel one.

The petrol version will be equipped with a 1.6 liter turbo mill whereas the diesel version can come with a 1.6 liter motor. The vehicle will be equipped with the some standard features of the class, including lane assistance, and various other modern features to compliment safety and comfort of the passengers. The vehicles initially will be brought in through the CKD route, which will help the company to keep the price in the competitive range with the other vehicles in the same segment.

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