In-Car Speaker Phone introduced by Jabra Drive in the country

The increasing number of four-wheelers and the need for communication on the move has made our lifestyle very much integrated with the use of mobile phones. However, receiving a phone call and then talking over it while driving a car, is considered very risky as well as against the traffic laws. Most of us are into this practice that is in direct breach of traffic law. Moreover, this also puts our life and other’s life around us in danger, for a split miss in the hand-eye co-ordination and reflex can cost a life or many lives for that matter. Most of the accidents by four-wheeler have happened because the driver was busy talking on the phone while driving, which means he has to divide his concentration on managing the gadget as well as the vehicle. This practice has never given a good outcome so far.

Now Jabra Drive has brought in a device that allows one to have a trouble-free conversation while driving. The in-car speaker phone conveniently settles in the existing interior of the cabin and doesn’t breach any traffic norms. The device is in confirmation with the traffic laws of the country, for hands-free conversing while driving.

In-Car Speaker Phone introduced by Jabra Drive in the country

The device is very simple to use. All you have to do is open the assortment and start using it without any kind of installation of additional supportive hardware or software. The device has Multiuse technology that allows the speaker to pair up with more than one mobile at a time and give the driver and captain the benefit of hands-free conversation. The Jabra Drive made sure that the voice clarity is well perpetuated by eliminating the noise and echo with the use of DSP (Digital Signal Processing). To be in sync with the end user’s surrounding, the automatic controller for sound adjusts the volume of the headphone. This makes sure that the natural continuation of the user’s speech is preserved on all calls.

The Head of Sales, South Asia Region at GN Netcom Pte Ltd, Ms. Ann Goh stated, “that other than the communication potentials, Jabra Drive has attributes like A2DP technology that lets the user play with music from their Smartphones and MP3 players which are Bluetooth enabled. Additional features of GPS application and much more adorn this device”. The Jabra Drive in-car speaker’s sound clarity is astounding to the core. In brief, the gadget has a lot to offer to all the users at any point of price.

The package includes an in-car charger, micro USB cable for connectivity, clip for visor and a quick start manual. The Jabra Drive in-car speaker is available from Rs.3,999 onwards.

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