India Made Ford Ecosport Special Edition Launched In Japan

Apparently, the factory producing Ford EcoSport in India seems to be running double the capacity to reduce burden of waiting period for that compact SUV. It turned out surprising to see that the same manufacturing bay got so relevant time to produce 70 odd limited edition units for Japan.

Yes, made in India exported to Japan, Ford EcoSport’s 70 units run limited model gears a price tag of 2,530,000 Yen (approximately Rs 13.32 lakhs) for a new lineup of paint shade and some additional features. Naming them, it could appear the leather seats, dual airbags, ABS, EBD, ESP, traction control, SYNC support and ultimately the 6-spealer entertainment system. Based on Titanium trim, it measures 4195mm in length (appealingly longer than the India-spec EcoSport), 1765 mm in width, and 1655mm in height. The special job can be easily earned the distinct brownie points with the six different colours of mirrors and rear spare wheel.

Hence, there are no such reports for India of receiving a limited edition anytime soon, whereas markets like Brazil and Thailand had already gained number of those adornments. Well, now it is also reported the European version in the facelift of 2015 will be shaved off the spare wheel. However, the car is a fine example of breaking ice with hatchbacks for the Indian market and even around the world. Manufacturing benefits for India had given the audience to enjoy EcoSport at a low cost, as it is been exported to a number of markets from here, that’s how the Japan and other are seeing it with limited editions to keep pepping the sales figure.

India Made Ford Ecosport Special Edition Launched In Japan

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