Indian GP to brace Amber Lounge parties during the Formula One weekend in Delhi

Formula One racing is one of the most spectacular events to happen in the world. One can say it’s a combination of glamour and speed-hungry racers on the circuit. The world’s most expensive spectacle in the history of motor racing is Formula One, which has its association with well-dressed playboys, gorgeous women and parties that never end. Formula One Racing this October in India would be the same and no different from that seen in other circuits around the world.

Amber Lounge would be throwing the penultimate party during the three-day exciting weekend of Indian GP to be held in Delhi. Amber Lounge has promised Delhi some exciting parties where they say champagne would be flowing throughout the night. Arjun Rampal, Bollywood Actor, has promised in October that his Lap retro-bar would be hosting amazing F1 parties. The excitement surrounding F1 racing gets pumped when Metallica would be rocking the country on October 28 in Delhi the evening of the weekend race.

Hamilton who drives for McLaren in F1 currently, describes the Amber Lounge to be the best place to be at a party during GP weekends. He says everybody would be looking forward to this event as they all realise they’d be having a blast. Amber Lounge’s founder and owner Sonia Irvine (former racer Eddie Irvine’s sister) would be hosting the party, Claridges Hotelin Surajkund, in 2011 October. The Amber Lounge would be hosting 2 parties at that time.

Indian GP to brace Amber Lounge parties during the Formula One weekend in DelhiPricing of individual passes are pretty expensive, though tickets in several categories are already sold out. The dance floors would cost 15,000 Euros while the VIP section would cost 8950 Euros. There are classic tables, which cost 5200 Euros that are sold out too.

Social calendars globally have been witnesses to Amber Lounge parties and very well known for glamorous popup parties. The Amber Lounge party in India would be the same as other parties hosted by them. Vintage Champagne, Dom Perignon and Cristal Champagne would be served with various select dishes to light up the glamorous event. The highlight of the Amber Lounge parties would be white sofas, a glittery bar and a DJ booth that’s all funky. The party themes would depend on which country the party is being hosted.

Tina Madan says she’s eager to attend parties at Lap retro-bar and meet F1 racers and celebrities from Bollywood too. Tina’s booked tables for both Lap parties and also the tickets to the F1 Indian GP.

Regardless of who wins the main race, the Amber Lounge is sure to provide the entertainment for the price paid and the luxury they offer. The event presumably would be a memorable one for those who wish to see the F1 stars and noted celebrities from Bollywood town that are avid F1 fans. Furthermore, international band Metallica would be playing as part of the weekend event that later would be rocking Bangalore too. Metallica would sure be attracting a lot of metalheads who want to rock both ways that is at the concert and also witness an enthralling three-day weekend in Delhi. This event is sure to give India the name it deserves with rumours abuzz that there’re also plans to host a MotoGP event in the future with Chennai presumably the desired location. Racing is picking up in India with quite a lot F1 fans in India already.

Indian GP fans would be hoping a good performance from both Sutil and Di Resta who drive for Vijay Mallya’s Force India. The race in Delhi would be the first home race for Force India. Indian race enthusiasts would be pleased to see Karun Chandhok drive the Lotus as it seems Lotus Boss is likely to give Karun a chance to race given that it’s Karun’s home race. Karun has been patiently testing cars for Lotus this season. Trulli, the master qualifier, who’d be completing 15 years in F1 racing would likely not be racing for Lotus as he’s having problems with the car’s power steering, though slightly above the points table than his teammate Heikki, but the latter proving to be faster than him. So, given the prevailing circumstances, we expect Karun Chandhok to get his chance in Delhi.

Meanwhile, tifosis (Ferrari fans) expect Ferrari to be strong and win their first Indian GP in Delhi. Ferrari, too, likewise, are having problems and aren’t able to match Red Bull Racing Team’s pace at the moment with Vettel heading for a strong Championship win this season. McLaren too are having problems this season with their cars not faster than Red Bull. Button though is a bit successful among the two drivers so far with an impressive Canadian GP win some time back. Race fans would like to watch good action with track designers promising good corners and long straights, so a driver can fly at 320 km per hour through the longest straight.

Lastly, we’d like to see the three-day weekend starting from Friday and ending on Sunday with a good head banging Metallica concert followed by a good practice session, qualifying and Race Day to end the Formula 1 dream and head for a trippy Sunday night.

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