Indian market has a new CarPad

Good news on the way for travel buffs. ‘Map My India’ has recently come up with an interesting gadget for cars. This does allow for driver navigation via installation of an electronic map.

The gadget is being marketed under the name of CarPad. There is information saying the CarPad does work on Wi-Fi. A voice output from the gadget installed instructs the driver. The gadget acts as an intellectual source and aids the drivers in their navigation.

The inventors of the CarPad do claim the gadget to be the first ever 3-D tablet that also works as a navigation tool to the drivers. Sources claim that via the gadget emails are accessible and one could click pictures too.

Indian market has a new CarPadThe gadget also has Bluetooth connectivity that allows the drivers to get connected to the world outside. The size of the touch screen is 800 x 480. The tablet consists of features like earphone connectivity, radio and USB. The price of the gadget is Rs. 23,000.

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