Indian navigation maps on BMW 7 series

We have seen many of the manufacturers offering navigation system in their premium offerings in India. Examples can be taken from the German trio of Mercedes, Audi and BMW. However little notice has been taken to see if they actually benefit customers or they if they still carry the navigation indicators for German roads. Even if they do have the Indian roads in them, the voice recognition system is usually an American or European one and fails to recognize the Indian accent. One of those innovative Germans{ read BMW India} have recognized this flaw and have worked to get it right for the Indian market. Their efforts have brought forth the Indian navigation maps on their flag ship, the BMW 7 series.

This navigation system is called BMW Navigation Professional Global Positioning System { GPS} and would be standard on all the new BMW 7 series starting from November 5, 2010. BMW India have promised us that they would make this as a standard on all their other cars like the 3,5 and SUV series. Amongst these standard features are a full color, fixed 10.3 inch display with a resolution of 1284 x 480 pixel controlled by BMW Idrive system with direction selection buttons. A 9.2 inch extended info display is present in the instrument cluster. There is also a 12 GB memory hard disc supported system. Since most of the BMW 7 series are likely to be chauffer driven, the rear passengers also get their own DVD screen wherein which they can also control the navigation system.

There are various entry formats for the BMW Navigation Professional Global Positioning System and these include the Postal Identification Number {PIN}, previous destinations or destinatons frequently visited and even spelling entry for a location. The system even calculates the best route and one with minimal traffic. It gives you a step by step guidance to the desired destination. The digital maps also allow the desired area to be viewed with a pinch and zoom function on the touch screen display. The so called visual instructions are given via easy to follow arrows and even through an audible system which is placed just above the music speakers. You can also update the maps twice a year at BMW dealerships. This takes hardly 30 minutes of one’s precious time. This would update the data stored in the hard disc and keep it more up to date with one way or u turn restrictions recently applied, more cities at a detailed level.

The optional features include the TV function{which currently displays only DD channels}, heads up display for the navigation system and an Indianised voice controlled navigation display system just like the one for the European markets. All this is available to new BMW 7 series owners at no additional cost. The ones prior to November 5th can get this navigation system added to their cars at an extra cost of Rs.30,000.

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