Italian Government Auctions Ministerial Cars on eBay

It’s no April fool’s joke, but in the reality the Italian government has putted up on sale its ministerial cars on eBay for the auctions. Not lesser than the 151 non-essential executive cars for the first lot, the 25 cars had already reached the site, while the remaining will reach soon.

Hopefully, the initiative is taken by the Italy’s new Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to sell off the vehicles which are posing as a wasteful wealth of government. In fact, a report says, lot of 151 vehicles is only a drop in the sea. The government has plans to sell 1500 vehicles out of the whole 59,000 vehicles (approx) lot. However, there is no official census of the vehicles owned by the Italian government, which means no exact numbers on the paper yet. But looking at the 1500 cars it seems, there will be lot more to surface from Italian government on eBay for sale in the coming months.

Italian Government Auctions Ministerial Cars on eBay

In the specific countdown, the 151 cars that will see bidding from April 16, 2014, is inclusive of BMW 5-Series (8 units, all owned by the Ministry of Defense), VW Phaeton (3, Ministry of Justice) and Jaguar XF (1, Ministry of Justice). The Ministry of Justice is also selling a Jaguar S-Type R, so be ready to pull all your cash out on 16th April.

Psst…a source has also claimed, the central administration of Rome is using another 1,663 units, which means the total figure of car sale will reach more than 60,000 units (59,000+1,663).

Those who are interested to buy can click on the link here.

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