Jaguar Land Rover Applies For Road Rover Name Trademark

Jaguar Land Rover Applies For Road Rover Name Trademark

A year or so back, it was reported that Jaguar Land Rover was using the name Road Rover for some internal codenaming, but now it has applied for a trademark on this name. Is a new brand in the pipeline from JLR or is this just to stop other car makers from using a similar name? We don’t know it for sure as yet.

JLR have suggested this name for a number of its prototypes previously, but never really used it. Many publications are indicating that this name could well be used for JLR’s first production EV, which would be aimed primarily for markets in the US and China.

The name Road Rover has a history of its own. The name was first suggested in the 1950s as a concept to bridge the gap between Rover cars and the then original Land Rover. The name was again revived in the 1960s for a three-door estate car.

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