Jaguar Truck Concept Rendered

Jaguar crossed the limit recently and finally gave us a SUV/crossover, unlike to its metals of repertoire which are consisted of sedans.

But looking forward, the question of manies has raised a doubt, is the British carmaker going to get us a ‘Truck’ in the near future?

To us the answer is probably ‘NO’! As we guess, that doesn’t means one cannot draw his imagination in the form of a rendering image.  One of his thoughts, an artist at ‘theophiluschin’ has made one of the renderings, which we find it interesting to ponder over.

Jaguar Truck Concept
Looking at the images, we can say, an imagination is possible to take a place in the heads of Jaguar designers for truck concept. But the trucks are not compatible with the brand image of automaker like Jaguar, as we speculate the market finding says. So the discussion over this topic is almost going to set the outcome out of context.

For the last, the whole vehicle in the rendered image boasts of Jaguar’s characteristics, but the mid-pillar where the rear windshield is fitted shall have to be more lingering like a one on the XJL. Here it is a bit plain-Jane. Erstwhile, the overall outcome is perfect!

Jaguar Truck Concept Back View
Courtesy: theophiluschin

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