Jaguar will be showcasing some star cars at British Royal Festival

It is a very important year for the Jaguar Land Rover Limited. With the year 2013, the company has completed more than 60 years in the world of automobiles. For the past 60 years the company has been continuously delivering some great examples of design and technology. It is due to this reason that Jaguar is a ‘Royal Warrant’ holder with the British Royal Family. Many members of the royal family are on Jaguar’s customer list. In May 2010 it delivered a car, XJ to the British PM. Some other Royal family members are Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II.

Talking about the Royal family, this year marks the 61st anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s power and queenship. After the death of her father, King George VI on the 6th of February 1952, she gained succession to the throne. The official coronation was done on the 2nd of June 1953. So this year marks the 60th anniversary of her historic coronation. The ceremony was not only witnessed by the people present there, but it was broadcasted on radio as well as on television.

To celebrate this event, Coronation festival is being held at the Buckingham Palace Gardens this year. The event will commence on the 11th of July 2013 and will last till 14th July 2013. This 4 day event has a lot to offer. People can be a part of this festival by purchasing a ticket. The festival will see more than 200 companies that have been associated with the Royal family for 5 years or more. These are called the ‘Royal Warrant’ holders. These companies will display their products on the Royal stage. The evening celebrations will be held on the 12th and 13th of July.

JLR to showcase star cars at British royal festival
JLR, subsidiary of Tata Motors, will be a part of this exclusive festival. JLR is also a Royal Warrant holder, much more superior then others since it is serving the Royal family since past 60 years. At this event, JLR will exhibit its undisputed image and power with its latest innovation called C-X75. This is a Hybrid Supercar Prototype which will get the lime light at the Buckingham Palace Gardens.

This C-X75 is a classic example of technology. This super power packed car has been designed in such a way that its emission barely catch up to a normal city car. The company will be using the core design of this prototype for its other upcoming vehicles. Jaguar will be getting involved intensely in research and development works to increase its brand value.

The other cars which will be seen on display include Jaguar F type and the new Jaguar Range Rover. Both of these cars use aluminium chassis which makes these cars light in weight. People will get to see the technology behind these wheels more closely at this event.

I bet the centre of attraction at the event will not be Jaguar’s latest ventures but probably its vintage line up. Some exclusively selected heritage cars will be also exhibited. These cars have been a part of the British Royal Family and will definitely be the stars of the show. People will get to see a 1953 Range Rover that was used on the 6 months Commonwealth tour by the Queen and her husband, Duke of Edinburg, after her coronation. There will be a 1955 Jaguar Mark VIIM that was used personally by Queen Elizabeth till the year 1973.

The ticket for the day event is available at a price of £30.00 while an Evening Gala ticket will be offered at a price of £90.00.

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