Jaguar XJ 2.0 petrol bound for India

The competitiveness among the car makers in India is rising at an alarming rate. India has converted into a blooming car market which has dragged almost all the known brands to the country. Every manufacturer is adopting one policy or the other to lead the race. The luxury car segment is the one that has picked up a speed in the recent times. Mercedes Benz. Audi, Jaguar, BMW etc all the world renowned luxury car makers have their vehicles in the Indian market. Jaguar has now downsized the engine of its luxurious and power packed car, Jaguar XJ. This model will now have a 2 litre petrol engine instead of its standard 3-litre engine. The cost of this new variant will be Rs 14 lacs less than the standard XJ which has a price tag of Rs 1.30 crores. The smaller engine XJ will cost you Rs 1.16 crores.

Jaguar Land Rover Limited is a subsidiary working under Tata Motors. It has been in the market for more than 60 years now and is an acclaimed manufacturer of luxury cars. The standard of its luxury vehicles can be understood from the fact that it has been serving the British Royal Family since 1950’s. It has received a Royal warrant form Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II.

Talking about the Jaguar XJ, it was launched in the year 1968. Since then several generations of this car have entered the market. Jaguar XJ is a series of full size luxury cars. The latest XJ to join the series was launched in the year 2009. This car is a part of the British Royal Family. In the year 2010, Jaguar had built an XJ for the British Prime Minister. This car has always made high profile appearances all along its history.

Jaguar XJ 2.0
Downsizing the engine serves 2 purposes. First it reduces the car emissions and second it adds to the fuel efficiency of the car. Jaguar XJ entered the Indian market in 2009 with a 3 litre petrol engine. Now this has been reduced to a 2 litre petrol engine. The car is using a Ford Ecoboost engine for this new variant and it has already been launched in international markets. Looking at the success of F type, Jaguar has decided to add this new variant to its existing line up in India.

What raises an eye brow is the fact that a 2 litre engine is way too small for a car this big in size. When on sales it will be the shortest engine for a car in this segment. The Ford engine offers a turbo charged direct injection with a power output of 273 bhp. This is almost 100 less than the standard XJ. It has a torque of 340 Nm. The new car can reach the mark of 100 km/hour in a matter of 7.5 seconds only. With the smaller Ford engine, the car now has a mileage of 11 km/ litre. The CO2 emissions are as low as 216 gm/km which is marvelous for a car this big.

Jaguar XJ still continues to offer the same crisp exterior with the same luxurious interior. The only thing modified is the car engine. This new variant has the same majestic look as that of the top end XJ models. It also included the Illumination Pack. The interior houses all the comfort and technical elements including digital instrument cluster, arm rest for seats in the back etc. XJ is imported as CBU and therefore is always pricier. The price is down by 14 lacs with a smaller engine to Rs 1.16 crores. The bookings for this car commenced last week and the cars will be delivered by September this year.

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