Work on Mazdaspeed 3 is in progress

Mazda Motor Corporation had recently unveiled a super stylish variant of its successful venture, Mazda 3. The company had introduced both the sedan as well as the hatchback versions of the car. The company, although, did not give any information whether a new variant of Mazdaspeed 3 has been decided or not.

Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese firm which is indulged with automobile manufacturing. The company was started in the year 1920 and has been named after its founder, Jijuro Matsuda. The name has also been derived from the God of wisdom and intelligence, Ahura Mazda. It was the 15th biggest automobile company in the world in the year 2011.

Mazdaspeed is a sporty version of its acclaimed car Mazda 3. This hatchback was launched in the year 2007. The Mazda performance series (MPS) was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in the year 2006. After this, Mazdaspeed 3 entered the American market in 2007. In Japan this model is sold under the name of Mazdaspeed Axela. The car competes with the super popular hatchbacks like Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus ST, Dodge Caliber SRT etc.

Mazdaspeed 3

The present model of Mazdaspeed 3 is the 2nd gen car that was launched in the year 2010. Mazdaspeed 3 has been a very successful car for the company. It won a position on the Driver’s 10 best list for three years, 2007, 2008 and 2010. In the year 207, it was Automobile’s Magazine All Star. There are many more credits given to this car.

Since the new models for Mazda 3 have been unveiled it is likely that a new version of Mazdaspeed 3 will follow too. Mazda has not given any statement, either rejecting or accepting the possibility of 2014 Mazdaspeed 3. An UK report does talk about the Mazdaspeed being under work.

It has been reported that a new Mazdaspeed is definitely being planned and this time the engineers with a Skyactiv technology will be able to produce a car which crosses the power output of 200 bhp. The car will be equipped with a Skyactiv-G 4 cylinder 2 litre engine. The present model is capable of churning out a power of 155 bhp and a torque of 150 Nm. Mazda is planning to improve these figures by exceeding the revolution limit. It is expecting an output of 200 bhp at 7000 rpm.

This has the drawback that more revolution will consume more fuel. Although the engineers have claimed that fuel efficiency will be maintained in spite of higher revolutions with the help of improved combustion.

A target of 200 bhp for Mazdaspeed 3 is pretty low as compared to the 263 bhp output of Mazda 3. The reason behind this is that the company is not trying to create the car image on the basis of its output but on its handling, agility and increased revolutions.

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