Jeep to Have 10 Exclusive Dealerships in Major Cities of India

Amidst the high octane dust of luxurious off-road, we had found a new cliff which says a lot about the upcoming Jeeps to India. As we all know, terming its brand very strongly with the top to bottom strategy Fiat will launch the most awaited Cherokee in the exclusive niche segment of market ranging in between Rs. 40-45 lakhs, whereas the lower one Wrangler will be positioned rightly in the Rs. 20-25 lakh bracket. Both of them will cater the competition brightly when they will be rolled out here on Indian shores. But first of all, the American luxury off road badge now needs to take toil strategically to the dealerships extravaganza which they had slated to mark their importance with 10 exclusive Jeep dealerships in major cities of India. Right now the Jeep did not have any intention to go interiors of our nation, but looking at the other hand, Fiat is intentionally interested to sell its conventional cars through its existing dealerships. No assimilation is confirmed between both of the brands regarding their dealership marriage.

Hence, Fiat had more products lying there in its pipeline, out of which most of them will be the refreshes and facelifts versions whilst some of them are said to be regarded as Abarth series and 500 in the major lead. Got to learn from one of the leading reporters of Indian automotive industry, the performance driven Abarth offering too will be rolled out from the bay of its own exclusive (yet separate) dealerships.

All the above mentioned details are revealed by FIAT-Chrysler’s MD of India Mr. Nagesh Basavanahalli to a leading newspaper, and we hope there is no doubt these claims may fall flat on its head in the near future.

FIAT Chrysler Jeep
Courtesy: The Hindu.

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