LaFerrari Caught Testing on Fiorano Track: Watch Video

Made to do the all the screeches on tarmac with 963hp under the guise of a gasoline V12 engine and an electric motor which concludes it as a hybrid powertrain, debuted for the first time at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Still dwindling with the time to do launch by the end of 2013, LaFerrari is still finding slots on the testing grounds.

Earlier spotted outside Maranello this week, now a couple of LaFerrari prototypes are caught on the camera at the organization’s favorite Fiorano track. Those prototypes are burning their rubber against the tarmac with 900+ horses. And we hope seeing this video one will get a hint why the Ferrari is calling this badge a Ferrari itself in its model plate.

Being so powerful in all its aggressiveness, 350 km/h is the top speed of LaFerrari and 0-100kmph sprint is achieved in less than 3 seconds, making it to be called proudly “LaFerrari”.

LaFerrari Caught Testing on the Fiorano Track

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