Lamborghini chooses Mumbai for its next showroom

Whenever we see a Lamborghini roll past us, a picture of the car standing outside your place is the first thing that flashes across mind. Lamborghini after firing its cars all over the world is not planning to expand in India and thus have short-listed a few cities where they plan to set up their showrooms so that India gets a chance to experience the charm of Lamborghini close-hand. Out of all the cities, Mumbai will fortunately be the first location of the showroom and 10 months back Lamborghini released a statement that they were keen on setting up a showroom in Mumbai. Presently Lamborghini has just one showroom in India and that is in Delhi since last 6 years under the name of Exclusive Motors.

The inauguration of the showroom has been slated to be sometime during summer and the showroom will be taken up by Autohangar. Prabhadevi is the location that has been fixed in South Mumbai for the Lamborghini showroom and the hype circulating that place is immense since the past few months. Prabhadevi presently has showrooms of Mercedes Benz, Skoda and Volkswagen and now Lamborghini showroom will increase the worth of the place altogether.

Lamborghini chooses Mumbai for its next showroom
Even if Delhi is the only place in India where Lamborghini has a showroom but there are a considerable number of Lamborghini Gallardo cars rolling around Mumbai thus Lamborghini decided to have a showroom in Mumbai. Slowly Lamborghini aims to establish a stronghold over India and believe that setting up a base of the bulls in Mumbai will definitely escalate their name in the Indian Automobile market which is nowadays considered as one of the most thriving automobile markets all across the world. Presently the Lamborghini has two of its bulls in India namely Gallardo and Aventador both of which are considered as one of the most-hyped supercars in the Indian market.

It has been a while since Lamborghini has been planning to expand to South-East Asia owing to the demands of the bulls in the continent and thus Lamborghini has chosen India as the place to enhance its network to the continent. Lamborghini by launching Aventador in India at the price of Rs 3.69 crore as well as a new showroom in Mumbai plans to increase its sales in India to 30 units in 2012. Thus Mumbai has lots of people with the kind of money for a Lamborghini so having a showroom in Mumbai would attract more customers thus increasing the sales. Lamborghini usually uses high-octane fuel but these cars are modified before being sold in the Indian subcontinent so as to make it more fuel efficient in India.

The amount of millionaires in India is increasing at a good rate nowadays owing to the economic boom and more people are coming forward to shell out money on supercars. The competition between supercars in India is growing fiercer by the day as more and more mean machines are making their way to the Indian roads.

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