Audi new Q5: facelift spy shots

The Audi Q5 is in a race with its German competitor, BMW X3 for the best in class luxury crossover. And Audi just seems to have planned ahead by giving the Q5 a mid life facelift by 2013. This new face-lifted luxury crossover was spied during the cold weather test run in Nordic.

The new Audi Q5 is definite eye candy with its cosmetic uplift. In the front is freshly designed headlamps and restyled grille extending down to the bumpers. The bumpers have been restyled too with broader and meaner look.

Audi new Q5: facelift spy shots
On the rear, the new Audi Q5 appears more or less the same as its current version, assembled at its Aurangabad assembly unit. The Audi Q5 comes as a completely knocked down unit (CKD), and is assembled in the plant in Aurangabad. This current model houses a 2 litre TDI diesel engine and the it is still not certain if it will power the face-lifted version.

The flagship of Audi in India, the Audi Q7 comes as completely built unit (CBU), and Audi India is soon to commence the CKD kits of this luxury crossover in next couple of months. This will cut down the market of BMW X6, as the price of the Q7 will be reduced by almost 20%.

The Audi Q7 was a celebrity favorite in India and with the toned down price, this luxury SUV will certainly dominate the market. Audi India is also to come up with Audi Q3, which will join the Q series wagons in second half of 2012. The Q3 is priced 30lacs, which will directly compete with the BMW X1, priced at 22lacs.

New Audi Q5 spied testing at Nordic. This luxury SUV recieved a mid life uplift.

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